Women scamming on dating sites

Posted by / 31-Dec-2017 17:49

Women scamming on dating sites

I met this lady on there her location was in the same state as mine came across all genuine about wanting a relationship etc, etc.

You work hard enough, use that picture application on google or scam artists, and you find even the moderators are fraud photos.I have been on the app for this mingles2 and all I am getting is women asking me for money. I am so done with leeches and people that scam and don't think it is a wrong thing to do.For all the men in the same situation make sure you ask and make sure the pics and is match up.) and your real verifiable names and photos of you together in real world with newspaper to show date.15 times we confront these people, 0 times any proof. AFTER i was re-assured i had set my settings correctly to get ONLY women from Edmonton contacting me, ever since, i NEVER get contacts from Edmonton, and those that i had previously, never respond or 'account removed'.What is worse are the 'rubes' as one woman admitting to the fraud put it, are the MEN who go around saying "it's legit" simply because they saw some above person type it. You are supposed to be "Matched" to someone ONLY if you both brought up her profile and pushed the match button, and she did the same.

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This will create frustration for users who wish to tweak their search settings to bring up better matches.