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What I really tried to focus on was this is who I was at this age, which can maybe benefit my children.

I wrote in the book about at one point I was told I would never work in television because I didn't look right. I think that's been a very important thing for them. I allowed myself to — it makes me emotional — it allowed me to miss them, which is something that I don't spend a lot time with; I kind of live my life in the present.

Well, certainly a lot of my musical experiences were great. What I got from the book after I finished it and read it back, really reflected on it, was I'm a person with a lot of duality.

I like the moments that are happy moments of my life, and I don't like them that much. It's just a dichotomy that seems to have always been with me.

“She waited for me to get rid of my self-absorption and self-aggrandizement,” he says.

“Until I grew up.” Celebrities Couples Who Prove Love Isn't Dead Simmons has lived in the three-bedroom, 10-bathroom home “for a good 28 or 29 years,” he says, and everything in the space has been tailored to the family members’ “bigger than average” heights. “So this looks like a normal-sized table, but it’s actually bigger than people expect.

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I had to find ways in to telling about my children that was interesting to me. Were there some stories you didn't want your kids to read or that they objected to in the book?

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