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Clicking this option opens a popup with a few suggestions.Stories from Pages you like will begin to show up in your News Feed.For most, this option doesn’t seem to work quite well because there is a greater chance at missing posts that could not be predicted by Facebook’s algorithm.What’s worse is, if you miss seeing a post there’s no way you could interact with it.In the same year, it made another attempt at reducing click bait by gauging the amount of time spent on shared links.In fact, it also penalized Pages that posted too often. As a tip, use a good social media management tool to schedule posts for optimal times without getting penalized.)2017 has seen a lot of tweaks being made to Facebook’s algorithm.

Click it to view of similar pages which you can like and follow. It’s important to understand that Facebook’s algorithm evolves predominantly based on user behavior and feedback.

Later on, in 2013, it announced yet another update to the News Feed. A year later, the algorithm gauged the amount of time spent on stories outside the News Feed to determine whether or not to show those stories on your friends’ News Feed.

This update includes 2 key changes to its ranking algorithm. Mid of 2015, Facebook introduced the See First feature.

This has included: With the latest call to kill low-quality sites even if they came from Facebook Ads. Facebook wants to show its user’s content that matters the most to them.

As a user, you have significant control over what you see first, and there are many ways to set your preferences. With a lot of serious gauging and guesswork, Facebook uses the Top Stories sorting to show you what it thinks will interest you.

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This allowed users to choose which friends’ updates they wanted to see first.