Predating christ

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Predating christ

And the disciples of Aristotle say that some of their treatises are esoteric, and others common and exoteric.Further, those who instituted the mysteries, being philosophers, buried their doctrines in myths, so as not to be obvious to all.

The Stoics also say that by the first Zeno things were written which they do not readily allow disciples to read, without their first giving proof whether or not they are genuine philosophers.Also the association of Pythagoras, and the twofold intercourse with the associates which designates the majority, hearers), and the others that have a genuine attachment to philosophy, disciples, yet signified that something was spoken to the multitude, and something concealed from them.Perchance, too, the twofold species of the Peripatetic teaching - that called probable, and that called knowable - came very near the distinction between opinion on the one hand, and glory and truth on the other.This approach tends to limit the meaning of a myth, whereas that meaning may in reality be multiple, operating on several levels".In the first century writings known as the Clementine Homilies which is a discourse between the Apostle Peter and his disciple Clement, it is written of the religious writings of the Greeks: "The wisest of the ancients, men who had by hard labor learned all truth, kept the path of knowledge hid from those who were unworthy and had no taste for lessons in divine things.

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In the same way that the Anointing of the mind (Christ) was the main theme in the Old Testament scriptures, and those whose mind had not been enlightened by the Light could not perceive the inner spiritual meaning, so also was the scriptures of the people we today call the Pagans.