Dating advice com

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Dating advice com

Yep – contrary to what the world teaches us (and as people used to know back in the day – even non-Christians) it’s not what you can GET from the marriage – it’s what you can GIVE to your partner and your marriage!

With that Ladies; all men want sex – Christian or otherwise it makes no difference.

Relationships are hard, and a sentence worth of wisdom won't change that. Over on Reddit, thousands of people have answered the question, "What's the best relationship advice you have ever heard?

" with insights that relate to everything from conflict to commitment.

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What matters is the desire to solve the problem." And bamber79 writes: "When you and your SO are arguing, remember- it's you and them VS the problem. This has helped me tremendously in how I approach disagreements." John Gottman, a psychologist and cofounder of the Gottman Institute, previously told Business Insider that the No.

1 commonality in successful relationships is the ability to repair the partnership after a conflict. "In really good relationships, people are very gentle with the way they come on about a conflict," Gottman told Business Insider.

"They don't bare their fangs and leap in there; they're very considered." An anonymous user shares another piece of conflict-related advice, based on a strategy they use in their marriage: "My wife and I have a 24 hour rule.

I'd there's a problem, you have 24 hours to bring it to the person's attention.

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